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"We are welcoming anyone who wants to dance to come with one guideline request. If you are experiencing any symptoms of cold or flu, please do not come so our community can stay healthy."


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* NO PRACTICA June 15 *


June 17 • Practilonga
Friday • 7-10 pm • Zootown Yurt - 101 N Johnson St


July 6 • Special Practica with Tomás
Theme: "How to make your practice count" 
Wednesday • $5 • 1042 Monroe St
(Park in the Greenough Park parking lot)


July 7 • Multimedia Presentation "Everything you wanted to know about tango" by Tomás
6:30 pm Wednesday • FREE • 1042 Monroe St
(Park in the Greenough Park parking lot)


July 8-10 • Tango Gathering
Tomás Workshops • Milongas • Potluck • Camping • Craft Projects • River Activities

Potomac Tango




Every last Saturday of the month
8-9 pm • Beginner Class with Lori Mitchell & Patrick Marsolek
9 pm - midnight • Dance
$10 or $8 students 
West Side Theater - 1200 Shakespeare St Ste 2




Taught by Lori Mitchell & Patrick Marsolek
1042 Monroe St (Park in the Greenough Park parking lot)
ThursdaysMay 26 - June 30 • 6-week series

6:00 - 7:10 pm • Beginning Class (no experience needed)
7:10 - 7:35 pm • Practica
7:35 - 8:45 pm • Continuing Class (beginning class experience needed)

Fees for attending one class series:
Adults $52 / Students $40
Attend Beginning Class while doing Continuing Class - Additional $25
High school students - 2 for 1 (Just pay for one student and both come!)

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* NO PRACTICA June 15 *

Wednesdays6-8 pm • $5
Amy Ragsdale’s Studio - 1042 Monroe St

The studio is behind the main house, enter the white picket fence and follow the path to the left of the house. Please park in the Greenough Park parking lot.
Couples who want to practice exclusively with a specific partner are welcome to do so 6:00 - 6:30 pm.







The tango community in Missoula is friendly and welcoming. Join a playful, fun exploration of this exciting, improvisational dance. No partner or dance experience necessary.

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