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2016 Missoula Tango Marathon - Info

A regional tango gathering. With six milongas, three technique classes, live tango music, a mixer, and men's and women's socials!

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This weekend will be lots of dancing, some great connecting with tango friends and community, and four classes taught by regional instructors. Classes will build on each other and will be focused on aspects of connection and will be appropriate for all levels.

2015 Missoula Marathon a success!

Greetings everyone!

Wow, what a wonderful weekend. Thanks to everyone for helping to make this weekend a memorable one, full of lots of wonderful moments of connection, fun, learning and deepening appreciation of our community and the dance.

A special shout of thanks out to the DJs and Teachers who contributed their experience and passion. I’m also feeling tremendous gratitude for all the local Missoulians who hosted out of town guests - including those who weren’t even home this weekend and offered their homes and vehicles! Lastly, thanks to everyone who so willingly jumped in to help with set-up, registration, food preparation, potluck hosting and contribution, cleaning up after long nights, moving furniture and even emptying garbage bags. A big thanks to Heather Adams as well for having such a lovely studio we could call home for the weekend. We couldn’t have done it without all the help and contribution!

I'm certainly inspired to do this again next year! And, of course, I hope to see you all sooner than that at a festival or workshop in your town!

I created a Picasa folder with photos from the weeknd. You can view and download them here.

Warm regards, Patrick



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