Spring Tango 2019

May 10th - 12th, 2019 -  Self-expression: from playful to passionate!

A regional themed gathering with six milongas, two technique classes, tango poetry lecture, practica, a social, afternoon hike and potluck.

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This weekend will be lots of dancing, great connecting with tango friends and community, and classes taught by regional instructors. Classes will be focused around the theme: Self-expression. Guest Teachers and  DJ's from around the region will be teaching the classes and crafting the music for the milongas.

Most events are at the Downtown Dance Collective
121 W. Main  -  See Map.

Interested in offering housing to out of town guests - or needing housing while you're here? Contact Krys!

Interested in volunteering during the weekend? Limited volunteer discounts available: $55 off your whole weekend pass. Download the details here
Contact Lynnette Lubrant to register for one of these volunteer roles.

Also, we will be having our social again this year. This provides an opportunity to talk and connect with other dancers about tango! If you take the survey for this social  it will help us provide some direction for these conversations.




Friday, May 10th

7:00 - 8:30  Class 1 of 3 • Micro Adornments: Become Fleet-footed with Jeff Blend and Lisa Ronald - Express yourself in the micro--through simple, small, fast adornments in vals. Leaders will explore how to create space for followers to adorn while moving, rather than when paused. Followers will learn the technique and musical placement of micro-adornments, singular and chained, and will explore how to initiate this movement. The class ends with a role reversal, placing the adornment in the hands of the leader!

9:00 - 11:30  Welcoming Alt Milonga50/50 (Trad/Alt) • DJ - Tommy Smith

11:30 - 2:00   Welcoming Traditional Milonga • 100/0 (Trad/Alt) • DJ - Matt Doval

Saturday, May 11th

12:30 - 1:30  Practica - DJ Vince Godby

1:30 - 3:00  Class 2 of 3 • Forward Boleos: Finding your flavor with Tommy Smith - Learn the age-old art of sticking one leg out in front of yourself! This class will cover the basic mechanics of creating an easy and comfortable forward boleo, then show you how to turn the standard move into a personal statement reflecting your style. And if you thought forward boleos were only for followers, think again...

3:15 - 4:45  Mixed Social
Social connection time to l focus on the roles in tango, with Q & A on etiquette and social codes in tango, personal experiences and challenges and will include some snacks and drinks. This is a great opportunity to connect with others and share your experiences.
Social is at the Loft - upstairs from the DDC

9:00 - 1:00  Grand Milonga • Traditional music 90/10 (Trad/Alt) • DJ Lucia Petkovic - This is your chance to embody our theme: Self-expression! Use this opportunity to capture your memories on film at the free photo booth. Take a print home with you and pictures will be posted on Facebook after the weekend.

1:15 - 4:15 Late, Late Milonga • 30/70 (Trad/Alt) • DJ Danny Rondeau

Sunday, May 12th

11:30 to 2:30  An afternoon outside with Krys Standley - Trade in your dance shoes for hiking boots and explore nearby nature just outside Missoula. Meet at the DDC at 11:30 to carpool. Bring water, snacks and sunscreen.

1:00 - 2:30  Lecture - Tango Poetry: Past to Present with Dmitry Pruss - Explore self-expression in tango in a different way--through song lyrics. During this multi-media lecture, travel through time beginning with sung poetry illustrating the universe of urban migrants during the Great Depression and their despairs and longs for bygone days. Learn how lyrical language is reborn with exuberance, threatened again by the censorship of the morality police, and finally reaches a beautiful synthesis at the zenith of the Golden age.

3:00 to 5:30  Afternoon Alt milonga (50/50 trad/alt): DJ Joel Switzer

6:00 - 8:00  Potluck BBQ, location TBD

8:30 - 11:30  Closing Milonga • 80/20 (Trad/Alt) • DJ Tim Stearns


DDC Studio - 121 W. Main St.
Free Parking all weekend long on Main street and across the street in the parking garage.

The Loft - 119 W. Main St. (Upstairs from the DDC.)

Other questions? Contact Patrick.


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Whole weekend, all events - $100 (Advanced Discount)

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Milonga Pass - $75

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Milonga Pass - Student Rate - $55

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Individual Class -  Student rate - $10

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Individual Milonga or Social - $10

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Here's some of the die hards from a previous Urban milonga with painted/decorated clothing! Come and have fun with this one!









ABOUT the DJ's, Teachers and Musicians:

Krys Standley - Missoula, MT.
Raised in Montana, Krys came to tango through improvisation and contact improvisation.  She loves the intimacy and creativity of these dances, and was hooked by tango as a dance one can engage in for a lifetime.  The welcoming local dance community in Missoula was just what she was looking for when she moved to Missoula in 2013.  Krys enjoys leading and following, and discovering the possibilities for initiation and listening in both roles.

Lucia Petkovic and David Caputto - Idaho Falls, ID - David and Lucia discovered their passion for tango after moving from Argentina to Idaho in 2003. They have promoted the diffusion of this dance in southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming since 2008 and are currently teaching tango workshops once a month in Jackson, WY. Lucia's formal education in music and David's practical approach are successfully combined in their classes to help dancers to develop their individual styles through integration of embrace, posture, and musicality.

Tommy Smith - Boise, ID. Tommy discovered tango with his dance partner/girlfriend Christian in early 2012. Since then his love for Argentine tango has grown into an obsession as he seeks ever increasing depths of knowledge. Tommy brings his analytic and organized teaching style into the tango classroom, striving to present concepts that both reinforce each other organically and are accessible to students of all levels. He teaches comfortable and connected social tango, emphasizing versatility, thoughtfulness, and musicality. With over 2 years of tango teaching experience, Tommy has taught in multiple locations around Boise, including weekly beginner lessons, group progressive series, and student club classes at Boise State University. Tommy also has a passion for DJing, as he believes great music with varying energy is key to great social dancing. To educate and motivate beginning DJs, progressing DJs, and those interested in tango music, he offers semi-regular DJ workshops.