Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet

One night only; Thursday, October 10th!

8:00 pm at the Downtown Dance Collective. (121 W. Main St., Missoula.)

There will be seating for music lovers and also floor space open for dancers!

Tickets $15  - Pay at the door tonight!

Experience the music of Argentine tango coming directly from Buenos Aires! Hear tango like you’ve never heard it before. The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet has managed to seamlessly blend beloved traditions with innovative new styles that create a unique musical experience. The quartet takes the typical tango orchestra and gives arrangements a new flavor featuring the piano, violin, bangoneon and double bass. They integrate elements of traditional golden age tango orchestras such as Di Sarli, Pugliese, Troilo and Gobbi while adding in dashes and flourishes of improvisation and romanticism that keep audience on their toes. You might find yourself helpless against the powers of the tango in the hands of these skilled musicians. But that’s probably not a bad thing.

They have taken their unique sound around the world, appearing in more than 150 cities between Europe and North America. Pianist and band leader Alejandro Ziegler trained in composition and orchestral conducting. He performed for two years with the Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra Orquesta escuela de Tango under the eminent directors Emilio Balcarce and Nestor Marconi. Since 2007 the Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet has developed a unique style of tango music reflecting both innovation and tradition, inspired by the music of traditional golden age Buenos Aires orchestras such as Di Sarli, Pugliese, Troilo and Gobbi.

Various grooves and different ornaments reveal the members' personal playing styles, and the communication between the musicians allows for expressive play. They flirt with a chamber musical expression without ever leaving the unpredictable spontaneity of popular music and improvisation. Alejandro Ziegler's own compositions come alive through surprising arrangements as well as intimate interplay. With their unique mix of tango, improvisation and romanticism, they have gained territory all over the world. Their focused performances are a complete acoustic, dynamic, and musical masterpiece one should never miss.